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  • Where is the car water pump located?

    Where is the car water pump located?

    1. The automobile water pump is installed on the engine block. It is generally a centrifugal water pump. It is mainly driven by the water pump belt and pulley, but the direct drive energy comes from the rotation of the generator, compressor, fan coupling, etc. of; 2. A water pump is a machine tha...
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  • How does a car water pump work?

    How does a car water pump work?

    The car water pump is a centrifugal pump that is mainly used to circulate coolant to keep the engine’s temperature stable and normal operation. The working principle of a car water pump is as follows: Automobile water pumps are composed of casing, impeller, bearings, seals, etc. The car wat...
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  • Engine cooling water pump structure ②

    Engine cooling water pump structure ②

    The performance curve is used to express the conversion characteristics of the water flow energy of the pump under different working conditions, and is an external manifestation of the internal flow pattern of the pump. Like ordinary centrifugal pumps, the constant speed characteristic curve of ...
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  • Engine cooling water pump structure①

    Engine cooling water pump structure①

    The engine cooling water pump is the heart of the automobile engine cooling system. Its function is to increase the working pressure of the coolant in the circulation system, maintain the coolant circulation between related engine components, and prevent the engine operating temperature from bei...
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  • Car water pump maintenance

    Car water pump maintenance

    Early automobile engines did not have an important accessory that we consider essential today – a water pump. The liquid cooling medium used at that time was pure water, mixed with at most a little wood alcohol to prevent freezing. The circulation of cooling water relies entirely on the nat...
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  • What is the function of a car water pump?

    What is the function of a car water pump?

    The function of the automobile water pump is to pressurize the coolant to ensure its circulation in the cooling system. In layman’s terms, it allows water to continuously circulate through the radiator and various parts of the engine block to take away heat and ensure that the engine does n...
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  • Symptoms of a broken truck engine oil pump.

    Symptoms of a broken truck engine oil pump.

    The truck’s oil pump is broken and it has these symptoms. 1. Weak acceleration and a sense of frustration when refueling. 2. It is not easy to start when starting, and it takes a long time to press the keys. 3. There is a buzzing sound while driving. 4. The engine fault light is on. Engine ...
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  • How the oil pump works.

    How the oil pump works.

    An oil pump is a common mechanical device used to transport liquids (usually liquid fuel or lubricating oil) from one place to another. It has a wide range of applications in many fields, including the automotive industry, aerospace, shipbuilding industry and industrial production, etc. The worki...
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  • The function of automobile water pump thermostat

    The thermostat automatically adjusts the amount of water entering the radiator according to the cooling water temperature to ensure that the engine works within the appropriate temperature range, which can play a role in saving energy consumption. Because the engine is very fuel consuming at low ...
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  • The water pump is broken. Even the timing belt needs to be replaced

    According to the age and mileage of the car, it is not difficult to find out that the timing belt of the car owner has obviously aged; If driving continues, the risk of sudden strike of timing belt is relatively high.   The water pump of the vehicle is driven by the timing belt, and the timi...
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  • Which engine is better in Weichai and Cummins?

    Cummins is quite good. Although the price is a little expensive, the comprehensive performance of each part is good. The good sales of these two machines in China is inseparable from the timeliness of service. If I remember correctly, both of them should have the requirement to arrive at the site...
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  • The average speed of full load exceeds 80, and the fuel consumption of Duff XG heavy truck + tractor is only 22.25 liters per 100 kilometers

    Duff xg+ truck is the truck model with the largest cab and the most luxurious configuration in the new generation of Duff trucks. It is the flagship truck of today’s Duff brand and also plays a decisive role in all European Truck models. About xg+ this car, in fact, we have also published m...
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